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Security Vulnerability in Zend Framework

09:06 16 January in Magento, News, Security by Simple Helix Marketing

The Zend Framework announced a potential remote code execution on December 20, 2016. Magento followed up with an announcement on January 13, 2017, explaining that this exploit makes Magento 1 and Magento 2 installations vulnerable if the zend-mail function is used in combination with the Sendmail binary.In conjunction with the original announcement on December 20, 2016, Zend Framework also released patched software that resolves...

Backup your own website

07:35 06 January in Cloud Computing, Cloud Hosting Benefits, Hosting Tools, Maintenance, Tips, Tutorials by Simple Helix Marketing

A website can be a lot of different things. From the small family photo albums to the specialty vendor’s online webstore, anyone and everyone can setup a website. As mentioned in another blog post, maintaining backups of a website is absolutely critical for ensuring a sustained web presence. Although paid backup services are more than adequate for most site owners, there are many distinct benefits to...

Why you should care about EasyApache 4

17:18 06 December in Cloud Hosting Benefits, Dedicated Hosting, Hosting Tools, Server Technology, Shared Hosting, Tips by Simple Helix Marketing

cPanel users may have heard about “EasyApache” but didn’t know what it is or why it matters. This is understandable because engineers at your host provider are typically the only people to interact with it. EasyApache is software cPanel will use to install both the Apache webserver and PHP. Some exciting changes were introduced in version 4, the most recent release.For starters, EasyApache 4 will download precompiled...

Black Friday 2016 Sale!

10:40 21 November in Cloud Computing, Magento, News, Server Technology, Shared Hosting, Specials by Simple Helix Marketing

  Holiday shopping season is nearly upon us and Simple Helix plans to offer some great deals this Black Friday and Cyber Monday!   50% off Dedicated Hosting plans With coupon code SIMPLEDED16 new customers will receive their first month on a Dedicated Server plan for 50% off the regular price. This means you could get our DH-302 plan, a quad core Intel Xeon processor with 32 GB of...

data backup

No reason for Simple Helix customers to not have backups

09:52 08 November in Tips by Simple Helix Marketing

In the world of E-Commerce things can go wrong due to seemingly simple events: a code update introduces a showstopping bug, a new theme doesn’t play nicely with the mission-critical shipping extension, or maybe your overzealous junior developer deleted a few extra directories instead of just the old staging site folder. Any of these events can result in an online store running poorly, or in the...

Cleaning up after a Magento compromise

15:11 25 October in Magento, Maintenance, Simple Helix Support, Uncategorized by Simple Helix Marketing

The reality of the world today is that Magento site compromises can happen. And when it does, your Business Continuity plans must include steps to bring your online presence back to full capacity as fast as possible. Very often a compromised site may not even appear to be down. Instead it will infect your visitors with malicious software or steal their credit card information. In...

Dirty COW exploit

13:44 25 October in Maintenance, News, Security by Simple Helix Marketing

Over the last several days a new security exploit has gained a lot of attention online. CVE-2016-5195 also known as “DirtyCOW” is a vulnerability affecting any distribution using Linux kernel 2.6.22 and later. The exploit allows a regular user to escalate privileges on the server to the highest level. While this is an important issue to deal with there are actually a couple of reasons...

Install MySQL 5.6 on CentOS 7 / RHEL 7

13:23 25 March in Hosting Tools, Server Technology, Tips, Tutorials by Simple Helix Marketing

Install MySQL 5.6 on CentOS 7 / RHEL 7 MySQL is a popular open-source relational database management system widely used by a number of web platforms including Magento and Wordpress. With the release of RHEL 7, MySQL is no longer included in the default RHEL / CentOS 7 repositories and has been replaced by MariaDB.MariaDB is an excellent platform that is considered to be a drop-in...

Getting serious about WordPress security

17:00 23 March in Uncategorized by Brian Rorex

WordPress has been overwhelmingly the most popular Content Management Systems for so long that most people aren’t aware of a time before it was dominant. Its ease of extensibility have made it a quick and easy way for content designers to get their ideas out on the web without having to spend weeks or months in development. While many competitors have emerged to challenge it,...

Troubleshooting 500 Internal Server Errors

17:09 29 February in Simple Helix Support, Tips, Tutorials by Steve Shickles

The dreaded "500 Internal Server" error is one of the worst errors you can encounter on a website since it is very generic and requires digging into a plethora of logs just to find a potential cause. The first step needed to troubleshoot this is to track down the Apache/httpd/web error logs. The location of this depends on if you're using a control panel and, if so, which one you're using. In...

Image Upload Issue with Magento after the SUPEE-7405 Patch

11:48 29 January in Magento, Security by Steve Shickles

The latest Magento security patch SUPEE-7405 tightens file permissions on images uploaded from the Magento admin dashboard. Before the patch, the Varien file uploader used 0777 permissions for image uploads. Part of the patch installation changes these permissions to 0640 for files and 0750 for directories, which means only the user and group on the server can read these files. This is inconvenient for hosting...

Ten things that cripple your Magento Store (that you might not even realize you’re doing)

16:07 19 January in Magento, Tips by Steve Shickles

The first thing your potential customers see of your site will normally be the blank browser window that displays as your site begins to load after they clicked on a search result link to your website. That’s the moment the countdown begins: from that moment on, your website is being judged, albeit subconsciously, by the customer. Hopefully within a few seconds your customer is presented...

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