Magento Releases Enterprise Edition

Magento released Enterprise Edition 1.13 today. According to the Magento blog, 1.13.1 “Builds on the performance and scalability improvements released earlier this year, and advances overall product quality and eases operations by providing significant tax calculation updates, a wide range of functional improvements, and several security enhancements.” (more…)

How Simple Helix Can Help Prepare Your Site for a Sale or Media Event

The day of your new product launch has finally arrived! You and your team have put in countless hours over the previous months to prepare for this day. Between media announcements and last-minute manufacturing issues, you can barely see straight from exhaustion. Within a few moments, your new product will be live and all your hard work finally realized. Thousands of users are already frantically clicking refresh in eager anticipation of the new product. As you log in to your Magento Admin Dashboard to launch the new product line, you notice that it takes longer than normal for the page to load. Thinking it must just be your nerves, you shrug it off and continue to wait. Then, something horrible happens. All of the users waiting for the new product have overloaded the server and your Admin Dashboard returns the dreaded “Webpage unavailable” message. (more…)

Magento Hosting: Progressive Server Performance Improvements

Magento is a popular and feature rich eCommerce platform that gives merchants full control over the look, content, and functionality of their online presence in an intuitive and easy to use format. While there are many benefits to using Magento, the primary handicap is that an out-of-the-box Magento installation can be very resource-intensive.

When Does Your Site Need an External Database?

Magento makes use of the InnoDB engine for MySQL. From a developer standpoint, this is very important since InnoDB implements locking on the row level. Most Magento stores have a high transaction rate, so InnoDB’s row-locking allows only the row being modified to lock, leaving the rest of the table open to modification if needed. While this allows many simultaneous users to perform transactions at the same time, it can cause significant I/O delays which can result in poor site performance. Fortunately, the InnoDB engine can be tuned to match specific database requirements and deliver much better performance.


Simple Helix Offers Magento Upgrades!

  • February 18th, 2013
  • Posted in Magento

magento_seal_small Do you want to upgrade the version of Magento you’re using to run your store, but are worried you don’t have the time or tech skills for such an endeavor? Well, Simple Helix Magento experts can help you with just that! Our team is available to upgrade your current installation of Magento Community, Professional or Enterprise Edition. (more…)


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