CVE-2014-0160 Heartbleed SSL Vulnerability

A major vulnerability has been found in OpenSSL, the open-source software used to encrypt and secure web communication, that could potentially allow attackers to steal sensitive information normally protected by SSL/TLS encryption. The vulnerability CVE-2014-0160, dubbed the “Heart Bleed Bug,” does not require authentication or local access to be exploited which makes this a very severe problem.

Simple Helix takes this matter very seriously. To secure our users and prevent unauthorized attacks against the content they protect with SSL/TLS encryption, we have taken steps to ensure that all servers we host have been patched against this vulnerability. (more…)

Increase Security with a Cloud Server!

It’s no overstatement to say you can never have too much security for your site. How can you tell which hosting options are the most secure? Let’s look at a summary of how the Simple Helix cloud differs from other hosting options when it comes to secure hosting. (more…)

Emergency Maintenance Thursday Feb. 7

Beginning at 12:01 AM EST on Thursday, February 7, and ending at 1:00 AM EST on Thursday, February 7, we will be performing an emergency maintenance. This maintenance will require a full reboot to implement software upgrades.

We anticipate each individual reboot to last no longer than 15 minutes. If you plan on making any changes to your website during this maintenance period, you may want to reschedule for these changes to be implemented at a different time.

Administrators will be standing by during the reboot to make sure everything comes back online. No serious system changes will occur.

If you experience any issues outside of this time frame, please open a ticket with us at If you have any questions regarding this matter, please feel free to contact us at 866-963-0424.

GlobalSign SSL Certifications

  • February 05th, 2013
  • Posted in Security


Did you know that Simple Helix is now an Authorized Partner of GlobalSign, a WebTrust accredited Certification Authority (CA) with over 10 years experience. This allows Simple Helix to offer a wide range of publicly trusted SSL Certificates.

GlobalSign has issued 2048 bit SSL encryption since 1998, years ahead of other SSL providers and through a partnership with CloudFlare, GlobalSign provides enhanced reliability when delivering certificate statuses, enabling SSL secure sites to load many times faster. The strongest and fastest SSL security means peace of mind for you and your customers. (more…)

PHP 5.3 Updates Coming Soon

As you may know, PHP 5.2 is no longer supported and for reasons of security and stability, we will be updating our servers to run PHP 5.3 in the coming weeks.

Our target version is PHP 5.3.8, up from 5.2.17 on most servers.

Please bear in mind that there are some applications, and older versions thereof, that do not run on PHP 5.3. Most notably are Magento stores version 1.3.x.x and below. If you are on an older version of Magento, it is strongly recommended that you update as soon as possible as Magento 1.3 is already 2 years of age.

Please also keep in mind that some functions from PHP 5.2 have been deprecated in PHP 5.3 which may cause older ‘legacy’ applications to fail or function abnormally. It is best stability- and security-wise to update any and all applications on your sites and to ensure with your software provider, developer or programmer that PHP 5.3 compatibility is possible. Most applications have a public facing website where details on PHP compatibility can be found. Most notably are the following applications, listed with their version that is compatible with PHP 5.3:

Magento Community Edition 1.4, 1.5, 1.6:
Joomla!® 1.6.x and 1.7.x:
WordPress 3.2:
Drupal 7.x:

We hope this update will be smooth and beneficial to all of our customers. If you have any questions, please submit a ticket here. We urge you to make the point of contact in this matter a helpdesk ticket for the best response to your inquiry.


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