Changing the pace of e-commerce: Today’s top trends

Changing the pace of e-commerce: Today’s top trends

03:23 13 March in E-commerce Solutions

The e-commerce industry is one of the most quickly-advancing sectors out there, continually shifting to incorporate new technologies and leverage emerging trends. These trends not only impact the business itself, but also how customers connect with the brand. Therefore, it is in organizations' best interest to not only be aware of the newest trends in their industry, but to make use of the ones that will benefit their companies the most as well.

Let's take a look at some of the hottest trends in today's e-commerce market, and how these are making a splash across the industry.

"With the release of Magento 2 just around the corner, experts are predicting that the platform will be even more widely-utilized."

1) Magento
Magento, the current leader when it comes to e-commerce software, has been a force in the industry for a number of years now. However, with the release of Magento 2 just around the corner, experts are predicting that the platform will be even more widely-utilized than it is currently.

"Magento 2 … will shake things up and even more medium-and-above sites will switch across to it," noted Econsultancy Editor-in-Chief Graham Charlton.

Currently, Magento 2 is in its beta stage, with merchant general availability forecasted for the fourth quarter of 2015.

2) Mobile commerce
Another continuing trend is mobile commerce. Although some brands have had mobile support in place for years, these mobile-friendly websites and applications will become even more important to e-commerce companies' online presence and customer services. Currently, more than half – 57 percent – of all Americans own and use a smartphone, and capturing this cross section of the market is key. In fact, Retention Science contributor Phoebe Lai dubbed 2015 "the year of mobile commerce," noting that there are still opportunities for advancement when it comes to mobile.

"The mobile trend has seen major growth in the last few years, and with the unveiling of new devices with larger screens and the introduction of features like Apple Pay, it looks like mobile still hasn't reached its peak," Lai wrote.

Mobile users appear to favor devices with larger screens, which make it easier for them to browse and make purchases on their handheld hardware. Suppliers are increasingly supporting these needs, as research shows that the market for devices with screens measuring 4.7 inches and larger has grown 25 percent in the past eight years.

Larger screens make it easier for users to browse and shop. Larger screens make it easier for users to browse and shop.

3) Shifting approach to omnichannel: Social shopping
Graham also noted that this year, a considerable shift will take place concerning marketing and the overall customer journey. Instead of viewing the consumer lifecycle only in terms of the brand's website, business leaders will have to consider a range of other channels.

"There's a realization coming that the customer journey does not start and end on their site, but is a much more fluid multi-site journey," Graham wrote. "It's a flip from the old omnichannel thinking of 'The customer comes to be in these ways' to 'here's now I am in the places my customer is.'"

In this way, businesses should seek to expand their online presence through diverse content on social media, a company blog and other channels where their customers gather. This will help better support the enterprise's existing customers and help improve efforts to attract new clients.

4) The need for robust hosting
Overall, much of this year's top trends involve the brand's online presence. With robust hosting support from an industry expert like Simple Helix, companies put themselves in an ideal position to take advantage of these trends and experience success.

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