Free SSL replacement for Symantec certificates

Free SSL replacement for Symantec certificates

14:13 30 March in Magento, News, Security, Specials

Google plans to downgrade the level of trust for Symantec SSL certificates in the Chrome browser. If this will negatively impact your traffic Simple Helix will issue you a free SSL replacement.

The inviting green lock indicating a secure connection to your website may soon be a thing of the past for websites using an SSL certificate issued by Symantec.

Google has proposed a change in Chrome that will no longer display the green “secure” icon in the address bar for any website using an SSL issued by Symantec also listing the sites as ‘untrusted’. Keeping in mind the Chrome browser has well over %50 web browser market share and continues to grow, this decision will have a real impact on site traffic for Magento stores using an SSL issued by Symantec.

Google’s decision to make this change was the result of Registration Authorities acting on Symantec’s behalf failing to follow industry standards and keeping an audit trail of certificate issuance in all cases. The proposed changes will gradually remove trust in SSL certificates issued by any member of the Symantec family brand (RapidSSL, Thawte, GeoTrust) over the course of several releases of Chrome.

In an effort to promote a more secure internet for everyone Simple Helix will begin offering free SSL replacements for any site currently using a Symantec issued certificate. These free replacement certificates will be valid for the same duration as the current Symantec SSL has remaining.

If you would like to know more about this please contact our technical support group today.