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  • February 18th, 2013
  • Posted in Magento

magento_seal_small Do you want to upgrade the version of Magento you’re using to run your store, but are worried you don’t have the time or tech skills for such an endeavor? Well, Simple Helix Magento experts can help you with just that! Our team is available to upgrade your current installation of Magento Community, Professional or Enterprise Edition. (more…)

To Upgrade? Or Not To Upgrade? THAT is The Question

Let’s be honest, no matter how much we love the software (and we DO!) we are always hesitant to recommend an upgrade to the latest version of Magento for at least two to three weeks after it’s been released. Frankly, that’s our general recommendation for ANY software upgrade after the release of a new version. “Why”, you may ask?

Imagine you are a software developer. You are in a room with a few other developers, testing your NEW software version repeatedly. You test it in a few different browsers, maybe a few different machines, and everything looks great to you and your coworkers. You decide it’s ready and voila! Your latest software version is released.

The next day, “John Doe” decides to upgrade his software (your oh so fantastic new version!). “John Doe” sits down at his desk, takes a sip of his morning coffee and begins the upgrade process. After about 15 minutes, John does a spit-take. Why? Because spit-takes are generally the most compelling display of “surprise”. And because John stumbled across…. A BUG!

Like any new upgrade, sometimes bugs just aren’t discovered until the latest version has been out awhile. It takes several attempts in several environments with different variables to identify any inadequacies. Other people (like our buddy, “John Doe”) have attempted the upgrade, found a “glitch”, and subsequently contact the software development team. Then the software developers take a second look, and develop a solution or “work around”.

By waiting a few weeks to conduct your upgrade, you afford yourself the luxury of letting the “John Doe’s” of the world discover any bugs that may exist in the latest version while you get to sit coolly back and reap the benefits of their findings. When we put it that way, why WOULDN’T you wait to upgrade?

Of course, there may be circumstances where your site NEEDS the latest version. In which case, where do you turn?

SimpleHelix of course! SimpleHelix has been working with Magento hosting as of early 2007, and while upgrade “bugs” are as new to us as they are to you, we’re ALWAYS ready to help sort them out. SimpleHelix offers a Magento Upgrade service for a $50.00 fee. In this process we:

  • First, create a “sandbox” or a test bed in which we do a “dry run” of the upgrade to make sure that everything goes without a hitch.
  • Then we create a backup of your live site.
  • Next, we upgrade the live site using the knowledge we gained in the “sandbox” scenario.
  • If for any reason the upgrade of the “live site” is at all “weird” or “buggy’, we simply revert to the backup we created before the upgrade began.
  • When we’re confident we’ve isolated the issue, we repeat the process and upgrade the site.
  • TahDah! Magento Upgrade complete!

    If you feel that you need to upgrade at this time, simply open a ticket with our Tech Support Team, and we’ll happily get the ball rolling for you. Though, as per our scope of support, our advice is generally to give the latest version a little bit of time so that “John Doe” can do his thing.

Ready To Upgrade to a VPS? Let Us Show You How!

Ready to upgrade to a semi dedicated VPS? Let SimpleHELIX staff show you how!

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