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Extend Your Data Center to the Cloud

Here at Simple Helix, we understand the benefits of a robust partnership. That’s why we don’t just utilize VMware to power our own solutions, we offer VMware cloud hosting services to our clients as well.

A number of our most powerful solutions are supported by VMware technology, including our cloud hosting offerings built on the VMware vCloud Direct platform. We leverage VMware support for our Magento, PrestaShop and WordPress solutions, and utilize VMware’s vSphere 5 to ensure that application deployments are completed quickly and efficiently.

Get the VMware Cloud Advantage

Through our VMware partnership, we were able to take this to the next level. Now, our clients not only benefit from VMware technology supporting our main services, they can leverage VMware cloud hosting services through Simple Helix as well. This ensures that our clients have access to one of the best cloud hosting platforms available today.

Backed by Expert Technical Support

And best of all, VMware cloud hosting services come backed by Simple Helix’s round-the-clock, expert support. With our technical support staff standing by 24/7, you can be sure that any questions or concerns you might have in connection with your VMware services will be addressed promptly and efficiently.

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Get the VMware Cloud Advantage

Infrastructure As A Service

vCloud Director gives you the ability to build your own virtual datacenter using the class leading infrastructure of the Simple Helix cloud hosting platform. Easily deploy the processor, CPU and SAN storage for your applications using a simple web portal. For more complex requirements vCloud director allows you to build internal networks, VPNs and other network resources with ease.

vApp Deployment

Take complete control of your virtual datacenter resources to configure and deploy vApps or virtual machines directly using your own templates or VM images. Additionally Simple Helix provides a large number of operating system ISO images to simplify installation of common Linux distributions.

vCloud Advantages

Organizations with in-house VMware expertise will greatly benefit from the ability to deploy additional resources in a private cloud environment. Companies with complex requirements will find vCloud Director offers the ability to configure and deploy vApps with complex inter-networking and security with ease. SaaS companies will benefit from the ability to deploy pre-configured environments in a single click.

Enterprise Plus Features

Simple Helix offer the full enterprise plus licensing of VMware which includes High Availability (HA), Automatic Dynamic Resource Scheduling (DRS) and vMotion to guarantee high availability. Our service includes a money back guarantee and our high availability service level agreement.

VMware vCloud API

Simple Helix’s vCloud platform fully supports the VMware vCloud API allowing companies to programmatically leverage capacity on Simple Helix infrastructure. The VMware vCloud API is built on open industry standards.

Best In Class Hardware

Our VMware platform is based on the latest hardware from HP and EMC. High Speed HP blades are equipped with Intel high performance Intel processors and fast DDR3 memory. Enterprise EMC SANs configured in RAID, have 15K disks and multiple controllers for performance and reliability.

Cloud Security

The vCloud platform includes vShield technology such as port level firewall and perimiter protection to simplify your private cloud deployment. Simple Helix provides an additional layer of security in the form of Cisco firewall service included as standard.

Hybrid Cloud

vCloud director enables organizations to merge their in-house VMware vSphere environments with the Simple Helix cloud to create highly adaptive hybrid clouds.

Simple Solutions for Big Results

Virtualization Technology

VMware vCloud and vSphere ESXi

Our cloud hosting is powered by VMware’s vSphere engine for virtualized servers which over 99% of the fortune 1000 are using for their private clouds. We’ve taken the best practices from VMware and turned them into an incredibly efficient cloud built using the best technology available today. We’ve customized the interface and it’s offerings and we continue to make new developments to our Cloud hosting using this technology. We have catalogs of virtual machine templates customized to frequently used templates and we allow our customers to create their own templates in their virtual datacenters for completely customized images of servers which take seconds to deploy.
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VMware vCloud Director

Networking and security are all managed through our web interface powered by VMware vCloud Director which allows you to move machines in and out of our cloud and make changes to servers which previously would have meant waiting for technicians to make changes. This is a true self-service portal where you can manage the cloud yourself, empowering you to make changes at your leisure. Direct access to the vCloud Director is only available with the Open Cloud. If you choose a managed cloud, our support team will take care of all this for you so access to the vCloud Director is not needed!

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VM Snaphots

Our Simple Cloud web interface allows you to take control of your cloud with Snapshots. Snapshots allow you to make a very fast backup of your servers which can be restored at any time. This feature even works on multiple servers in a vApp meaning a database and web server can be backed up and restored together for consistent snapshots of a whole vApp. This feature is great for testing a new configuration or repairing servers in seconds!


The Open Cloud is a self-managed cloud. You have full control of your cloud environment whenever you need it. You decide when updates happen, how the server is managed, who has access, and what software you install.

Self-Service Portal

Using the innovative web interface powered by VMware vCloud Director, you have access to a self-service portal through which you can manage your cloud and make changes anytime you wish. vCloud Director pools datacenter resources, including compute, storage and network, along with their relevant policies into virtual data centers. Build secure, multitenant clouds by pooling these resources into your very own virtual datacenter. Integrate with existing management systems and provide the flexibility to migrate workloads among different clouds.

Scope of Support

This Open Cloud option is great if you’re comfortable managing your hosting environment and are a capable systems administrator. We provide you a pool of resources and you decide how to manage those resources allowing you total flexibility.

Cloud Hosting Features

Key Features

Free vShield Edge Firewall

Unlimited ISO CD Image Upload

Unlimited VM Templates

Intuitive vCloud Director Web Interface

5-Second Template Deploys

Management Features

Console VMs Anytime

Mount Installation CDs Easily

Multiple Users and Permissions

Visual Graphs of Your Networks

Networking Features

Port Forwarding

Easily Configure NAT

Port Address Translation

VPN Between Organizations

Direct IP Networking

Networking Features

Cutting Edge Host Hardware

RAID Protected Storage

Virtual Load Balancers Available

Fully Redundant Networking

Automatic VM Failover

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