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WordPress, a full-featured blogging, website and content management solution, is one of the most popular platforms in use today. When powered by the cloud, the benefits offered by WordPress are that much more flexible and accessible. Simple Helix is proud to be an industry-leading cloud WordPress hosting provider, offering our clients access to the most recent WordPress version supported by the best cloud services available.

WordPress is more than just a blogging portal, offering capabilities for website building and content management for both desktop and mobile platforms. With WordPress in place, businesses can create a consistent experience across any device, leveraging the multitude of themes and plug-ins to ensure their online presence is uniquely theirs.

When supported by a best-of-breed cloud environment, WordPress is even more beneficial. The cloud provides unparalleled access to important resources, and enables website administrators to make changes and add content whenever, from any location. Backed by the cloud’s inherent scalability, businesses can be assured that their growth with always be supported by flexible resources that expand alongside their organization.

And should any questions arise, the Simple Helix technical support staff is always standing by to lend a hand.

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Cores @ 2.67GHz








Estimated Monthly Total: $.00

* Note: Approximately 10GB of storage will be dedicated to the operating system and associated configuration files.

** Note: Up to 256GB of memory can be purchased at checkout.

Key Features

Powered by VMware's vCloud

Instantly Scale Resources Up or Down

High Availability

Deploy in 15 Minutes

Only pay for what you need

Wide Range of Software and OS Choices

cPanel Control Panel Included

Fully Managed

Build for Today. Plan for Tomorrow.

Why Virtualize?


Instantly access additional computing power without interrupting service. By using Cloud Hosting instead of buying physical hardware, you get the flexibility of being able to increase or remove resources to handle season or promotional traffic spikes.

Better Performance

Virtualization unlocks the potential for server performance by allowing servers to migrate between physical servers in real-time transparently to the operating system of a virtual machine. This means unused compute resources on particular servers in a cloud cluster can be balanced for maximum efficiency using software that audits supply and demand and rearranges the puzzle of resources in a cluster constantly for maximum performance.

Increased Reliability

The ability for a virtual machine to seamlessly move between servers in a cluster also means in the event of a physical hardware failure all virtual machines in the cloud cluster can instantly move to healthy hosts until the server is fixed. A server’s failure no longer means downtime and outages, your applications continue to operate without being affected by hardware failures.

Easy Management

Our cloud hosting allows you to effectively perform any action historically requiring physical access to a server all through a web interface. These technologies bring firewalls, load balancers and advanced networking configurations to users in easy to understand formats allowing customers to easily rearrange pieces of their environments through a single interface in easy to understand terms.

Increased Security

Our Cloud Hosting has easy to use firewalls, graphical representations of advanced network layouts and secure storage for machines hard disks all make the cloud the most secure place for your data. The servers in our cloud hosting clusters are hardened and rigorously tested for security vulnerabilities on a regular basis. We use the same technology to secure our cloud trusted by 100% of the fortune 100. Your data is safe in our cloud!

Virtualization Technology

VMware vCloud and vSphere ESXi

Our cloud hosting is powered by VMware’s vSphere engine for virtualized servers which over 99% of the fortune 1000 are using for their private clouds. We’ve taken the best practices from VMware and turned them into an incredibly efficient cloud built using the best technology available today. We’ve customized the interface and it’s offerings and we continue to make new developments to our Cloud hosting using this technology. We have catalogs of virtual machine templates customized to frequently used templates and we allow our customers to create their own templates in their virtual datacenters for completely customized images of servers which take seconds to deploy.
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Full Management

Simply put, the managed cloud is a layer of 24/7 support and services for your cloud computing infrastructure. We want you to be able to focus on your business and not all the IT stuff around it. With a managed cloud plan you get the same world class technical support that you would with any of our other hosting plans, plus access to our trained cloud team who will help you plan, deploy, and run your cloud.

Specifically, this means that we install the operating system you want (choose between CentOS, Red Hat, or Windows) and update the OS for you. We monitor your VM and troubleshoot any technical issues with you to ensure everything is meeting the highest standards. We can also help configure DNS, FTP, SMTP, software firewall rules, and even website caching. Our engineers are experienced in optimizing Internet and web infrastructure so your applications are reliable and efficiently using the flexibility of the Managed Cloud.

Cloud Hosting Features

Key Features

Free vShield Edge Firewall

Unlimited ISO CD Image Upload

Unlimited VM Templates

Intuitive vCloud Director Web Interface

5-Second Template Deploys

Management Features

Console VMs Anytime

Mount Installation CDs Easily

Multiple Users and Permissions

Visual Graphs of Your Networks

Networking Features

Port Forwarding

Easily Configure NAT

Port Address Translation

VPN Between Organizations

Direct IP Networking

Networking Features

Cutting Edge Host Hardware

RAID Protected Storage

Virtual Load Balancers Available

Fully Redundant Networking

Automatic VM Failover

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