About Us

Simple Helix is an IT Services provider, headquartered in Huntsville, AL. The company was established in 2007, offering webhosting for commercial businesses with an emphasis on ecommerce. In late 2016, the company refocused their efforts to meet the needs of their growing customer base – designing and building a Tier III Data Center to offer an abundance of services geared around data storage, compliance needs, and managed IT. The webhosting business was rebranded “Alpha Hosting” and currently operates as a sister company to Simple Helix.

Today, Simple Helix provides businesses with data center services, cloud services, and managed IT & Security services. We also offer compliance solutions for an array of security standards, such as CMMC, DFARS, ITAR, HIPAA, PCI and more. Our locally owned and operated colocation data center provides comprehensive IT solutions to businesses of all sizes. Whether you need a space to collocate your servers or you need to outsource your entire IT department, Simple Helix customers enjoy a vast array of IT and Security services to ensure they get exactly what their mission-critical operations demand. With Simple Helix supporting your IT and security compliance needs, you can focus on the success of your business. This is what makes Simple Helix the best partner for stewarding your company’s data, from the cloud to the keyboard.