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Simple Helix and AWS Work For You

Amazon Web Services is a geographically diverse wide ranging set of services that has been offered to the public since 2006. AWS began as Amazon’s answer to how they could scale their own platform but still maintain cost efficiency. The platform operates in 11 distinct regions, and offers over 50 different services. AWS serves the needs of anything from small agile start ups like Stance, to large established companies like Netflix.

Simple Helix can architect highly available secure solutions that are standards compliant for the small to large business on the AWS platform. With Simple Helix, you don’t need to know the depths of AWS to leverage the platform properly. Let Simple Helix provide your business with a solution to fit your needs and budget.

Solutions to Scale

Simple Helix can work with your business to leverage a solution to fit your needs, whatever the size. From a simple single web server and database to an enterprise level access controlled and on-demand scaling solution, we can provide you with what you need to help your business meet its demands. Allow us to help you keep your site functioning and page load time under control on your next sale or promotion.

Our customers uptime and performance are our number one concern. Allow Simple Helix to help you provide the seamless and fast experience today’s users have come to expect. Check our high level sample architectures below for a brief sampling.

Secure and Standards Compliant

Simple Helix applies AWS best practices to make your solution complaint to whatever body of standards you need. Simple Helix can help you meet your security needs whether that is PCI-DSS, HIPAA, or something else entirely. We have you covered. Using AWS’ built in security features like VPN Gateway, Security Groups, Firewalls, Simple Helix can architect a secure and access controlled environment with separation of services for your data. Protect your customer’s information by choosing Simple Helix as your hosting partner today!

Sample Architectures

AWS Auto Scale

Single web server setup. This is meant to mimic a more traditional and familiar web hosting setup. The simplest and most cost efficient setup. NAT instance is optional, but recommended.

AWS Enterprise

Redundant auto-scale web server setup. Pictured above is web traffic through Route53 DNS to an Elastic Load Balancer from the internet. This will flow into an auto-scaling redundant (multi availability zone) web server group, with redundant Redis clustering and redundant MySQL RDS instances. Media files are served from a shared S3 bucket (99.999999999% availability). Access to the client is served through a secure VPC VPN gateway to the client. This is a highly available solution.

AWS Multi Server

Single Availability Zone Web Server Cluster. Redundant Web Servers tied to single Redis Elasticache and MySQL RDS instances. This is a cost controlled setup.

AWS Single Web Server

Single Availability Zone Auto-scaling web server setup. Makes use of Redis Elasticache, and MySQL RDS. Services are access controlled via security groups. This is a more cost efficient, though less available solution.

Plans & Pricing

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