Brand Guidelines

Our Logo

These branding guidelines will help you determine the best way to use our logo.

Our Logo Comes in Four Variations

Logo Spacing Considerations

Simple Helix Colors

Logo Colors

Logo (logotype with icon) may only be used on solid backgrounds with shades of gray. For darker backgrounds, text must be white. For lighter backgrounds, text must be a dark gray (Hex #6d6e70).

Logotype (without the icon) may be be used in white over any color as demonstrated below. Logotype with icon should not be placed over colors.


  • Use these marks in a readable size
  • Maintain empty space equal to at least half the height of the logo on all sides
  • Keep them straight and free of filters and effects
  • Use the gray logotype on light backgrounds
  • Use the white logotype on dark backgrounds


  • Use icon only
  • Use icon in vertical lockup
  • Rotate these marks
  • Alter their proportions or colors
  • Obstruct them
  • Add extraneous effects
  • Animate the icon
  • Use old versions or other marks to represent our brand


In Writing

Simple Helix is always written as two words with spacing between the ‘e’ in Simple and the capital ‘H’ in Helix. The ‘S’ and ‘H’ in Simple Helix are always capitalized.


Simple Helix


simple helix
simple helix