Simple Helix is partnering with the North Alabama Chapter of the Information Systems Security Association (NAC-ISSA) to host a virtual discussion panel event. During the event, the panel members will review the top 5 phishing attacks and how anyone can fall for them if they aren’t given the right training. 

The speakers:
• Moderator: Greg Clements – COO, Simple Helix
• Panel Member: Scott McDaniel – Vice President of Technology, Simple Helix
• Panel Member: Jared Macbeth – Channel Development Manager, KnowBe4

The panelists will be asked questions like:
• Why is cybersecurity important for my businesses?
• How can I protect my business against cyber-attacks, like phishing?
• How can I tell what is a phishing attack and what is not?
• Where should I start on my cyber security journey?

Date – Thursday, February 11, 2021
Time – 11:30am to 12:30pm

To explore these questions and gain insight on how you can become cyber secure, please register.

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