Simple Helix Aligns Cloud Services to Customers with Nutanix

As interest in the cloud grows in the business and government sectors, cloud providers must maintain a sense of flexibility and security when offering services to their clients. Cloud provider and MSP, Simple Helix utilizes Nutanix technology to support their cloud infrastructure for one main reason – agility. Due to the constant changes regarding cyber security compliance, Simple Helix and it’s customers enjoy the dexterity that Nutanix technology offers.

Simple Helix COO, Greg Clements states “The flexibility that Nutanix delivers is truly significant. Literally each day, we are given a new set of compliance requirements for security. Nutanix lets us apply specific policies to our cloud environments to make sure we can meet… guidelines. The flexibility provides a substantial return on our investment, and more importantly, it gives us power. I can walk into any boardroom, tell a customer that we can meet their needs, and Nutanix enables us to deliver.”

Recently, Nutanix conducted a case study on Simple Helix’s employment of their servers. Click the link below to view the case study.

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