The Security Operations Maturity Model Quick Reference Guide by Industry

Today, it’s more important than ever for businesses to prevent cyber attacks. A study conducted by Ponemon and sponsored by IBM Security in 2019 reported that the average total cost of a data breach totaled $3.92 million. In order to protect themselves and their customers, businesses must take preemptive measures to ensure their data is safe. Businesses can leverage LogRhythm’s Security Operation Maturity Model (SOMM) to assess the health or maturity of an organization’s cybersecurity plans and processes.

The information provided in this e-book will allow you to gage where your Security Operations are succeeding and where they may require improvement.

This e-book contains Security Operations Maturity Model Quick reference guides for the following industries:
• Banking
• Education
• Financial
• Healthcare
• Insurance
• Legal
• Manufacturing
• Retail
• Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) Organizations

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