An IT Expert’s Thoughts On The Colonial Pipeline Cyber Attack


On Friday, May 7, 2021, the Colonial Pipeline became the victim of a ransomware attack organized by an online gang known as DarkSide. Pipeline employees shut down operations to combat the data breach. However, once a ransomware attack succeeds, there is little a company can do to regain control of the stolen data. The Colonial Pipeline sought help from FireEye, a large cybersecurity company focused on serving high-profile customers. FireEye is currently working in conjunction with The Colonial Pipeline to harden the infrastructure enough to resume fuel line operations.

The attack serves as validation that the United States’ infrastructure is vulnerable to cyber threats. Although the likelihood of another attack happening is probable, this breach might serve as motivation for companies throughout the US to strengthen cybersecurity programs.

The ransomware attack is not a surprise to those in the IT and cybersecurity space, like Greg Clements, COO of Simple Helix.

“These [hackers] have been doing this for a while and they’ve turned it into big business,” said Clements. “Back in the 70s and 80s, security was a secondary thought. Back then, you never considered that someone could take control of your system because there were so few that could. Now that more people have access to cyber architecture and the know-how to use it, the threat vector is exponentially increased. It would benefit all businesses to strengthen their IT security posture now.”

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