With an ever-present threat of ransomware attacks in the healthcare industry, data integrity, availability and security should be of the utmost importance.  At Simple Helix, we understand HIPAA Compliance and offer the best comprehensive solutions to steward your data from the cloud to the keyboard.  Offering a one-stop shop for managing your IT environment, Simple Helix takes on the task of securing your infrastructure so that you can sleep soundly at night knowing that you are protected.  Call us today at 256-704-1041 or reach us via email at [email protected] to discuss your unique situation.

Need Solution
HIPAA compliant data storage. At Simple Helix, we understand compliance issues and can ensure that your data is secure and readily available.
Reduced capital expenditures on IT infrastructure. Utilize our data center for high capacity storage and avoid expensive equipment purchases and maintenance.  We can offer resources as they are needed and you simply pay as you grow.
Manage and maintain growth of office IT environment. More doctors and support staff equal more IT assets.  Rather than facing the expense of hiring and employing an internal IT team, make use of our team of experts to fully manage your technology.