SSL Certificates

Keep Payments & Customer Data Private

State-of-the-Art Data Encryption

SSL Certificates convert your data into virtually impenetrable code that is safe from hackers and identity thieves. If the information does somehow wind up in the wrong hands, it will be unreadable and therefore useless. A secured website helps you protect your reputation and guard against possible penalties and criminal prosecution.

In order to meet Payment Card Industry compliance, an online business needs an SSL certificate with the proper encryption of at least 128-bit. PCI standards verify that the SSL certificate is from a trusted source and without a certificate that meets these standards, a site won’t be able to take credit card payments.

Validation to Fit Your Needs

Organization Validation (OV) and Extended Validation (EV) Certificates come with full validation of your business credentials that proves to site visitors that they are on a legitimate site and they can transact with confidence. Domain Validation Certificates offer validation of domain registration only, a less comprehensive process ideal for intranets, mail servers, etc. that do not need to verify the website identity. Choose from a wide range of options to get an SSL that fits your company’s needs, without breaking the bank.

Increase Website Conversions with Trusted Signs of Assurance

Provide the signs of security that today’s Internet users expect to see such as a closed padlock in the browser, ‘https’ in the browser address bar, a site seal and a green address bar.

Approximately 63% of online shoppers will not purchase from a website that does not display these security signs. Providing a secure online environment builds customer trust and can translate into increased sales and other conversion activity. Online security is a must for any online transaction!

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SSL Products

Domain Validated (DV) Certificates

Domain Validated SSL Certificates are no-frills, encryption-only certificates. In order to get a Domain Validated SSL Certificate you just have to prove that you own the domain. Your company doesn’t have to be validated and no organization name is entered in the certificate.

Issuance: Get a certificate in minutes

Price: Because the process is automated, these are the cheapest SSL certificates available

Low assurance: Because your company is not validated, these certificates don't help your visitors know who is running your site

Security: The certificates themselves still enable full, 128-bit encryption but there are other security problems.

Organizationally Validated (OV) Certificates

An OV SSL certificate is designed for ecommerce & sales businesses and service providers who need to transmit sensitive data such as credit card numbers. The process for validation is lengthier and more in-depth, the issuer will not only check to see if you are the owner of the domain, they will also need to verify that you are the owner of a real business.

Issuance: Anywhere from a few hours to a few days

Price: affordable, cost-effective but more expensive than DV certificates

High assurance: requires additional documentation to certify the company identity such as domain ownership, business name, city, state and country

Security: displays more company information in the certificate details

Extended Validated (EV) Certificates

Requires an extended validation of the business. It validates domain ownership and organization information, plus the legal existence of the organization. It also validates that the organization is aware of the SSL certificate request and approves it.

Issuance: A few days to a few weeks

Price: highest priced certificates because of the extended validation process required

High assurance: EV certificates are generally identified with a green address bar in the browser containing the company name.

Security: The validation requires documentation to certify the company identity plus a set of additional steps and checks

Wildcard Certificates

Wildcard SSL certificates protect an unlimited number of subdomains for a single domain.

For example, if you purchase a certificate for * it will secure,, etc. However, it will not secure

Issuance: A few days

Price: though they cost more than a single certificate, they can easily pay for themselves if you use them on more than a few subdomains

Management: removes the headache of having to deploy and manage multiple individual certificates

Security: since only one certificate is used, it only takes one server to be compromised and all of the others will be vulnerable as well. Use unique private keys to prevent this.

Multi-Domain, UCC & SAN Certificates

Secure multiple domain names and multiple host names within a single certificate. A UCC lets you secure a primary domain name and up to 99 additional Subject Alternative Names (SANs) in a single certificate.

Issuance: Anywhere from a few minutes to a few weeks, depending on the certificate

Price: save money over the cost of individual SSL certificates or wildcards

High assurance: Trusted by all major browsers and mobile devices

Security: 2048 bit signatures, 128/256 bit encryption

Code Signing Certificates

Allows developers to add a layer of assurance that tells users that their software can be trusted and does not come from a malicious hacker. End users downloading a digitally signed 32-bit or 64-bit program can be confident that the code has actually come from you and has not been modified since it was signed.

Issuance: A few days

Any software publisher planning to distribute code or content over the Internet or through an extranet risks impersonation and tampering

After downloading, end users can be sure that the code they obtained really came from you, helping you preserve your business reputation and intellectual property

Most browsers will not accept action commands from downloaded code unless the code is signed by a certificate from a trusted Certificate Authority

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